PST Project Manager (PM)

PST Project Manager (PM)


This position requires effective management, coordination and communication with all parties involved throughout the project. This position is responsible for estimating and bidding projects, managing project schedule and budget and providing the Project Superintendent (PS) with the necessary tools, accountability and support to successfully manage the project in the field.

Distinguishing Characteristics
The PM is the supervisory level over the PS. It is primarily an office position that is responsible for all administrative aspects of the project.

Supervision Exercised/Received
Receives direction from the Division Manager; exercises direct supervision over PS.

Examples of Essential Duties
The following duties represent the principal job duties; however, they are not all‑ inclusive.

  • Estimating projects and preparing written proposals
  • Determining and writing the scope of each project
  • Soliciting, qualifying and evaluating subcontractor bids
  • Ordering materials and securing contracts with subcontractors
  • Preparing submittals if required
  • Assessing and managing labor requirements and project schedule
  • Review invoices and monitor costs as they relate to budget
  • Weekly project meetings (or more as needed) with PS to review project
  • Site visits as needed for quality control and safety issues
  • Maintain good communication with the owner/client keeping them informed as to projects progress.
  • Follow and develop UST’s processes
  • Model personal excellence, integrity and accountability

Examples of Other Duties
The following duties represent duties that are generally performed by this position, but are not considered to be principal job duties:

  • Distribute brochures & marketing materials to prospective new clients
  • Perform related duties as required

Qualification Guidelines
Knowledge of:

  • Principles of supervision and employee and customer relations
  • Rules and regulations concerning UST/AST guidelines
  • Effective communication, both orally and in writing
  • Ability to read and understand drawings and specifications 

License or Certificate:

  • Must possess a valid State issued driver’s license of the appropriate class.
  • Must possess appropriate licenses

Career Ladder Information
Experience gained in this classification may serve to meet the minimum requirements for promotion to a Senior Project Manager.