Client Testimonials

"Having completed many projects for American Airlines over the years, UST understands many of the unique rules, regulations and procedures involved with working in a large airport environment. UST completed these projects within budget and well within our expected timeline. On behalf of American Airlines, I value the partnership we have established and highly recommend Unified Services of Texas. With similar projects currently in the design phase, UST will be a strong candidate for future collaboration."
Mike Napoli
Project Manager, American Airlines
"UST performed quality work in a professional and timely manner keeping safety as its number one priority. It was a pleasure working with UST on this project and look forward to working with them again in the near future."
Robert O’Neill
Project Manager, Ambreco, Inc.
"American Airlines at DFW has employed UST for numerous projects ranging in scope from tank installations, repairs, service and maintenance. AA has forged a relationship with UST over many years and I would Highly recommend them to any company seeking an outstanding fuel system contractor."
Richard McDonald, Sr.
Environmental Manager, American Airlines
"The ASSETT Group is pleased to provide a letter of recommendation for UST having worked together on VA projects in Dallas and Bonham Texas with the Corps of Engineers. The projects included constructing a fueling stations and removing tanks and which were successfully completed around VA operations. It is always a pleasure to work with a company like Unified Services of Texas that views the GC/Subcontractor relationship as a “team”. We would definitely invite this talented and dedicated company to team up with us again."
Wendy Martin
Program Manager, The Asset Group
"I am pleased to recommend our fuel system and remediation partner, Unified Services of Texas (UST). Aside from their bonding and insurance coverage, they are well-informed on regulations, codes and safety which provides us a great deal of comfort know that if something ever went wrong, everyone would be protected. So, with no reservations, I am pleased to recommend UST because we know their clients will not be disappointed. We look forward to continuing our relationship that has extended beyond 15 years and counting."
Barney Holland Oil Company
"The Brandt Companies LLC. is pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for UST. We have enjoyed our relationship with UST as we have worked together on a North Texas data center project. The contract consisted of constructing a bulk fuel system for the back-up generators at this Tier 4 Data Center Facility. This is a system comprised of four (4) 33K gallon fuel storage tanks, one (1) 15K gallon fuel receipt tank, and one (1)15L gallon UREA storage tank. It was great to work with a company like UST that takes such pride in their work. We would definitely invite them to "team" up with us again."
Doyle Spenser, Project Manager
The Brandt Companies
"Having worked with Unified Services of Texas, LLC (UST) over the years, I have found them to be a great company to work with and will continue to pursue them as other projects arise going forward."
Mike Wilson, Airport Operations Manager
Killeen Ft. Hood Regional Airport
As the project manager overseeing the “Fuel Tank Removal and Installation Project,” I can provide the following recap of the construction service provided by Unified Services of Texas (UST). Although the project was delayed two weeks by no fault of their own due to set-up and readiness of a temporary tank, UST still completed the project well in advance of the schedule completion date. They constantly exceeded my expectations and I very much appreciate their professionalism in dealing with unplanned issues that arose throughout the course of the project. I would not hesitate in recommending UST to other potential clients or consider contracting with UST again on future City projects.
Ernie Ramos, Fleet and Materials Manager
City of Richardson
Dear Marshall Ryan, Unified Services of Texas, LLC Thank you for your support and work performed on the project in Round Rock, Texas. It was a pleasure working with your team. The work performed met the project requirements and was installed in a timely manner. I would recommend Unified Services of Texas, Inc. for future work. I hope to work with Unified Services of Texas, Inc. on another project. Thank you again.
Steve Morris, Sr. Project Manager
Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc.
"It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Unified Services of Texas (UST) for the work they performed on the GE Locomotive Transportation Facility in Ft. Worth. UST was selected to be the design / build contractor for the locomotive fueling system. They were selected based on the unique qualifications they possessed to meet the stringent requirements for design, cost, schedule, safety, quality and controls. Aside from their cooperative attitude as a team player, UST consistently met the highest standards of professionalism and competency throughout the project. I would not hesitate to use UST again as well as provide my highest recommendation to other companies who are considering them for their projects."
Jeff Tutman, Industrial Engineering Manager,
Kajima Building & Design Group, Inc.
"It is always a pleasure for me to write a letter of recommendation for contractor such as Unified Services of Texas (UST). UST demonstrated exemplary performance on a very complex project involving the repair and renovation of four (4) 20K gallon JP-8 fuel tanks at our Lexington Oklahoma Army Aviation Support Facility. On a scale of 1-10, UST rates a 9.5. They are a very competitive, experienced, knowledgeable and highly quality conscious contractor. Their business practices exhibit a very high degree of ethics and professionalism. "
George J. Verstraete, Branch Chief Construction, Contracting & Administration
Oklahoma National Guard
"UST has proven to be a competent, competitive, experienced, knowledgeable and quality oriented contractor specializing in fuel system construction. Their business practices exhibit a very high degree of professionalism, integrity and ethical standards. I have worked on many projects with UST over the years – some of which are very complex with the most recent being the fuel expansion project for the City of Killeen Airport. I would gladly look forward to recommending UST again - a special company who works hard to provide the highest level of customer service. "
Richard Berry, President,
RNB Engineering Services