Airport Fueling Systems

UST believes one of the most critical aspects of operating an aviation fleet is to review all aspects of your fueling operations. Upon review, UST will verify that the system is fully compliant with applicable industry and regulatory safety standards.

UST’s Aviation Fueling Systems are designed and built with the latest technology and are compliant with NFPA 407 & ATA 103 for use in aircraft refueling operations.

Each system is custom designed to meet your requirements and fueling needs with the highest quality components that are widely used, proven to be safe, and reliable.

Systems can be designed to deliver from 50 gpm to 300 gpm.

Typical Services include:

  • Aircraft Refueling Systems
  • Fuel Cart Systems
  • Duplex Pump Sets
  • Bulk Liquid Handling
  • Bottom Loading and Vapor Recovery
  • Truck Unloading Skids
  • Hydrant Systems
Aviation Fueling Systems
Airport Fueling Systems


Terminal B Fuel Hydrant Pits

Love Field Modernization Fuel Project

Robert Gray Airport/Fuel Farm


Project Name: DFW Terminal B Fuel Hydrant Pits
Project Owner: American Airlines
Date Completed: November 2018

Project Description: Project encompassed 14 gates at DFW Airport Terminal B. Included removal and pour back of concrete for hydrant pit tie-ins, fabrication of new hydrant lateral line with new hydrant pits, new pipe, control valves and commissioning.

Love Field Modernization Fuel Project

Project Name: Love Field Modernization Fuel Project
Project Owner: Love Field
Project Completed: February 2014

Project Description: New hydrant and main fuel lines for new terminal expansion project. Impacted soil and existing piping removal of legacy system for 30 gates.

Robert Gray Airport/Fuel Farm

Project Name: Robert Gray Airport/Fuel Farm
Project Owner: Joint Use Robert Gray/Killeen Ft. Hood Regional Airport
Project Completion: August 2011

Project Description: Furnish and install new Aviation fuel tanks, valves, pumps, piping, and commission of complete system.