Healthcare Fueling Systems

UST is a leading provider of Healthcare backup generator fueling and backup fuel oil systems for boilers.

UST is located in North Texas and the Kansas City area, covering the nation constructing turn-key emergency fuel systems for generators and alternate fuel oil systems for boilers in the healthcare hospital market.

Our Emergency Generator and Boiler Fueling systems are designed to meet a multitude of configurations, layouts and system demands. The equipment selections used are designed to accommodate multi-tank, multi-controls, multiple boilers and multi-generator configurations. All systems are built with highly reliable microprocessor based control devices, PLC’s and redundant configurations to assure uninterrupted service.


  • Design Build Assistance
  • Mechanical plumbing and fuel controls design
  • Electrical design of all related fuel components
  • Federal and state EPA code compliance for leak detection monitoring
  • Boiler system loop design utilizing fuel oil as an alternate fuel source
  • Construction Coordination
  • Multi-level Commissioning for new and legacy facility sites
  • Commissioning script writing and verification
  • Quarterly warranty Inspections
  • Load testing of complete backup fuel system for generators and boiler systems
  • BIM Modeling
  • Value Engineering

Because of our unique focus, we understand the nuances and complexities of these systems. UST can design and install reliable solutions to meet any customer’s needs.

Metro Health Hospital, Cleveland, OH
Metro Health Hospital, Cleveland, OH


Metro Health Hospital, Cleveland, OH

Metro Health Hospital, Cleveland, OH

Project Name: Metro Health Hospital, Cleveland, OH
Project Owner: Metro Health
Project Completed: Job in Progress. Scheduled completion 4Q20

Project Description: Project involves installation of three (3) 25K gallon underground storage tanks, remote fill station and fuel polishing system