Fuel System Preventative Maintenance

Regularly performed preventative maintenance keeps equipment functioning efficiently and reduces the risk of system failure.

By having our certified technicians provide the recommended 6-month preventative maintenance inspections on the front end, the risk of costly repairs and interruptions to your operation will be greatly reduced.

UST is also your one-stop shop for all fueling needs. UST has access to all major brands of fueling equipment from nozzles, swivels and breakaways to keep you and your customers safe.

We also have a full line of hoses, whip hoses and retractors for all fuel types including unleaded, diesel and DEF.

To schedule an appointment or to speak with our sales associate, please call: 913-215-9173

This inspection includes:

  • Hanging Hardware
  • Filter Changes
  • UDC and Spill Bucket  Inspections
  • Sump Containment Inspections
  • Waste Removal
  • Fuel Tank Pad inspection
  • Sheer Valve inspection
  • Affordable Testing for Bacteria and Fungus
  • Tank Bottom Fuel Inspection for Visual Assessment
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Video and Photo reporting
  • Overall Sight inspection