Backup Generator Tank Testing Fuel, Service and Compliance

For the first time, starting in October 2018, USTs used exclusively for emergency power generators must meet the EPA UST release detection requirements.   Tank release detection refers to underground storage tank (UST) equipment and methods that are designed to detect a fuel leak from the tank. Leaks may be detected either electronically or manually.

All federally regulated USTs must have a release detection method, or combination of methods, that can detect a release from any portion of the tank and the connected underground piping that routinely contains product, and is installed and calibrated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Along with the full menu of fuel system testing and maintenance services, we are able to evaluate your fuel tanks, install all required equipment and train your staff to meet the current regulations.

Another key maintenance challenge for backup generator operators is maintaining fuel quality. While this issue isn’t really new, more recent biodiesels have wreaked havoc in some backup generator tanks in some areas of the country – which is not typically covered by manufacture warranties.

Our Fuel Maintenance Program-Generators: This is effective on fuel stored for long periods of time as with backup generator systems. This service includes fuel sampling, analysis and possible implementation of an additive program to prevent repolymerization.  Also includes:
• Checking main and day tank fuel supply levels• Inspecting day tank float switch, piping, hoses and connectors; operating fuel pressure
• Clearing any obstructions to tank vents and overflow piping
• Fuel Treatment
• Includes quality of fuel testing for bottom sediment, bacterial and fungal. Provide corrective treatment as required.
• Fuel Polishing
  – Used to rejuvenate fuel found to have excessive sediment or remove any bi-products
• Annual Compliance
  – Conduct required testing in accordance with requirements of Federal, State and Local agencies
• Can provide equipment repair and replacement as required
• Packages available upon request

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