Annual Compliance and Testing

In July 2015, the EPA revised the federal underground storage tank (UST) regulation. This was the first major revision to the UST regulation since 1988. The revision strengthened the 1988 UST regulation by increasing emphasis on properly operating and maintaining UST equipment.

Federal and State law now requires annual testing to ensure the equipment is operating properly and is not a risk to the environment.

We will provide your company with an accurate, reliable and approved test to ensure your system is functioning properly.

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Our annual compliance test includes these required steps:

  • ATG Certification
  • Line Leak
  • LLD – testing
  • Drop Tube Verification
  • Vent Cap
  • E-Stop
  • Vapor Recovery if needed
  • Pressure Decay
  • Shear Valve anchored and verification

3-year plan includes:

  • Tank Tightness test
  • Secondary Containment testing
  • Hydrostatic
  • DP Leak
  • Sumps, Under Dispenser Containment and Spill Buckets
  • Cathodic Protection