FuelVu Models

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Standard FuelVu Models

Sizing Your FuelVu

Most fuel contaminants will settle from still fuel resulting in a stratification of fuel with contaminants concentrated in the lower strata. Therefore, it is necessary to circulate and filter the lower 25%-33% of the tank contents. When the FuelVu is properly installed, fuel will be drawn from the bottom of the tank and returned with minimal disturbance of the settled strata resulting in good filtration performance and removal of contaminants and water.

It is recommended to size the FuelVu to circulate and filter 25%-33% of the tank capacity in a nominal 8-hour run period, once each week.

Example For a 12,000 gallon tank:

  • 25% of 12,000g = 3000g to circulate and filter in an 8-hour period.
  • 3000g/8 hours = 325 GPH or 6.25 GPM.
  • Use the FuelVu FVU-7.
  • For a 3,000 gallon tank use the FuelVu FVU-2 There is no absolute rule.

If desired to filter more than 33%, or even 100% of the tank, simply specify a larger FuelVu or run the filtration system longer. These are continuous duty devices. The only limit to run time is filter condition, which is constantly monitored by the FuelVu controller.

How to Order

Options FVU-010 Custom Cloud Interface, PC/PLC facility monitoring.

FVU-030: Outdoor enclosure with internal heater and thermostat.

FVU-040: FBO indoor cold environment coalescent heater.

FVU-050: 1-micron final filter element.

FVU-070: Magnetic fuel conditioner.

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Standard System Includes

Stainless steel continuous level sensor.
Indoor wall-mountable.
1-inch NPT.
On-board, integrated digital controller, UL508A
MODBUS or Ethernet network compatible • Inlet, outlet ball-type shutoff valves.
Check valve.
Pressure/vacuum gauges.
Pressure transducers, water detector.
Circulation pump, GPM and HP as per Model Section.
Filtration elements:
40 mesh Filter
5 micron
Water coalescer
Water separator
15 PPM

(Larger & Custom Capacities Available, please contact us for more information)

Product manufacturer: Simplex, Inc.