FuelVu Polishing with integrated Fuel Quality Analyzer


FuelVu polishing technology integrates fuel analysis detecting particulate contamination and water presence in real time. Live monitoring confirms actual fuel polishing efficacy from data reported in ISO 4006 code format. This vital information provides operations key insight to diesel fuel condition, avoiding potential standby power failure.

1. Pre-Filter / Fuel Strainer

2. PreVacuum Gauge

3. Motor

4. Pump

5. Check Valve, Spring Type

6. Manual Ball Valve

7. Fuel Line Leak Sensor

8. Needle Valve

9. Coalescer Filter / Water Separator

10. Particle Detector

11. Water Sensor

12. Pressure Transducer

13. Pressure Relief Valve

14. Isolation Ball Valve

15. Control Panel

FuelVu automated fuel polishing, integrated fuel analysis
icountPD - Online Particle Detector

I-VU Particle Analyzer
No more guessing, view fuel condition within +/-2 ISO Code